Three Links Odd Cast Podcast

Hear all about Odd Fellowship on one of LA-GR 35’s very own member’s project with other Odd Fellows called The Three Links Odd Cast


The Three Links Odd Cast is an exploration of and discussion about issues in Odd Fellowship for members of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. It provides a fun, light-hearted look at the history, traditions, customs, and practices of Odd Fellowship as well as an examination of where the fraternal order is today. NOTE: there will be NO discussion of The Unwritten Work or any of the signs, grips, or passwords of Odd Fellowship.

Rebirth In Northern Illinois The Three Links Odd Cast

Amidst the fields of corn, soy, and wheat, there's something else growing in Northern Illinois: Odd Fellowship.  Brother Ray Jackson of Ottawa Lodge #41 shares his story of how the members of Century Lodge #492 in Carpentersville spread out across the northern part of Illinois reviving struggling lodges and renewing the spirit of Odd Fellowship.  SPOILER ALERT: there's no one, main secret to their success.  With each lodge being different, they members first had to dig into that community and find out what worked for the locals and then build on it.  Ray goes into great detail about how that worked and the kinds of successes they have had.  He also tells of the process of reviving his current home lodge, Ottawa #41, including climbing in through the window and the moldy hall.  The Shoutout goes to Themis Lodge #75 of Louisiana on the occasion of their first anniversary.  For the Odd Podge, Brother Ainslie talks about the Art Fellows at his lodge in Tuscola, IL who meet regularly to make art.  Brother Toby thanks his home lodge, Ballard-Alki #170 of Seattle, for the reception they gave in his honor after having served as Sovereign Grand Musician.  
  1. Rebirth In Northern Illinois
  2. Building The Grand United Order
  3. Thinking Like An Odd Fellow
  4. How To Run A Lodge Meeting
  5. Do we deliver what we promise?

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