Three Links Odd Cast Podcast

Hear all about Odd Fellowship on one of LA-GR 35’s very own member’s project with other Odd Fellows called The Three Links Odd Cast


The Three Links Odd Cast is an exploration of and discussion about issues in Odd Fellowship for members of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. It provides a fun, light-hearted look at the history, traditions, customs, and practices of Odd Fellowship as well as an examination of where the fraternal order is today. NOTE: there will be NO discussion of The Unwritten Work or any of the signs, grips, or passwords of Odd Fellowship.

Oregon's Online Sessions The Three Links Odd Cast

In 2020 almost all Odd Fellowship was put on hold, including most jurisdictional Grand Sessions.  For 2021, the jurisdiction of Oregon found some clever and elegant solutions to hold their Grand Lodge, Rebekah Assembly, and Grand Encampment sessions online.  Sister Pearlie Stewart, Grand Scribe of the Grand Encampment of Oregon, and Brother Brad Probst, technical coordinator for this year's Sessions, join us to share their experiences and the solutions they found to the challenges of having an online Grand Sessions.  Everything from the order of business to the handling of committee work to the installation of officers had to be modified to work within the confines of technology.  No aspect of Grand Sessions was affected more than nomination and election of officers.  Through it all, Pearlie, Brad, and Grand Secretary Ron Kunze did an excellent job along with the heads of the units to ensure a smooth, functional business meeting.  For the Odd Podge, Brothers Toby and Christopher share their adventures visiting the Grand Lodge of Wyoming and Brother Ainslie looks forward to his first in-person lodge meeting since the pandemic hit last year.  Note: there's no lodge shout-out again because we haven't received any nominations!  Be sure and tell us about lodges doing great work on our website at or in an email to
  1. Oregon's Online Sessions
  2. Fraternal History in the UK
  3. Another New Lodge – Wyoming
  4. What If – There Was A Crossover, Pt. 2
  5. About The Rebekahs

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