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Three Links Odd Cast Podcast

Hear all about Odd Fellowship on one of LA-GR 35’s very own member’s project with other Odd Fellows called The Three Links Odd Cast


The Three Links Odd Cast is an exploration of and discussion about issues in Odd Fellowship for members of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. It provides a fun, light-hearted look at the history, traditions, customs, and practices of Odd Fellowship as well as an examination of where the fraternal order is today. NOTE: there will be NO discussion of The Unwritten Work or any of the signs, grips, or passwords of Odd Fellowship.

Young Leaders In Odd Fellowship The Three Links Odd Cast

Despite recent growth, Odd Fellowship is still predominantly full of retirees.  While they present a wealth of knowledge and experience, they can also be resistant to change and adaptation.  That can become even more of a challenge when young leaders emerge and try to work with entrenched members.  In this episode we talk to PGM Buddy Goetsch of Colorado and DGM Erik Fearing of Massachusetts.  With Buddy having completed his term as Grand Master and Erik preparing for his, they share very useful insights into their experience as young leaders in Odd Fellowship.  That youth can be a hindrance when it clashes with established members and customs but it can also be an advantage as it encourages new thinking and possibilities.  The Shoutout goes to a brand-new Encampment, Ridgely #2 in Pocatello, Idaho.  For the Odd Podge, Mike tells the harrowing story of Odd Fellows from Poland who ventured into war-torn Ukraine to initiate twenty-one new members; Erik talks about his plan to connect with the Odd Fellows Brewery in Nashua, NH to create a special connection to Odd Fellowship; Buddy shares the restoration process of his aging lodge hall in Leadville, CO; Toby previews his somber duty to participate in the memorial service for a passed Past Grand Master; and Ainslie enlightens us about the new gaming night his lodge is holding every month.
  1. Young Leaders In Odd Fellowship
  2. The Rose Float
  3. Crossover 3: Now With More Goat Riding!
  4. Burying The Dead
  5. New Members' Insights

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