Join LA 35 in our first OPEN Zoom Meeting of 2021!

Stay tuned, as we will be posting the meeting information in the following weeks. If you find yourself bored at home and looking to meet new people when going outside is out the question. Odd Fellowship might have what you’re looking for. Our 3 pillars are Friendship, Love and Truth. If your looking to strike up a new friendship with other like minded individuals feel free to drop in.

If you are looking for an outlet to let your creativity run free or looking to give back to the communities in which we live in, come to our open meeting and meet others looking for a creative outlet from the comfort of your own home. Odd Fellowship is more than a fraternity it is a lifestyle. Men, Women, Non-Binaries, Dogs, Cats, etc everyone is welcome. Odd Fellowship is about improving ourselves through improving our communities.

Now more than ever human contact and interaction is more important than ever. During such trying times we need to make sure we check in on each other to let each other know that even while we are separated we are still in this together. LA 35 looks forward to seeing everyone there.

Take care, stay safe and keep it Odd.

Los Angeles Golden Rule #35

Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Odd since 1819.

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